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Here we Go!

August 28, 2006

Welcome to the new (and soon to be improved) The Third Leaf.  Apologies to everyone for the huge delay in updates.  When I wrote August, I guess that meant March.  As you can see, the blog has moved to a new home and has a new focus.  The Third Leaf is going to look at sports from a global perspective.  I’m going to try and convince you that Tottenham-Arsenal is just as a heated rivalry as Alabama-Auburn.  That sports bars were packed with throngs watching the recently completed Team Handball Championships.  That European fans really love the NBA but are quickly catching on to March Madness. 

As sports continues to expand globally in the search for increasing streams of revenue, The Third Leaf hopes to understand why fans come to care about certain teams or sports from outside their cultures.  Why are players from Manchester United greeted like the Beatles when they tour Asian countries?  How do countries like Greece, Argentina and Puerto Rico become dominant teams in basketball?  These are some of the questions we hope to explore on this blog as we try to understand the globalization of sports in all shapes and sizes.  And by “we” that means “you.”  Your comments are the heart of this blog.  It is the opinions of the readers that interest me.  I sincerely hope that if something you read makes you think, angry, smile or you if just want to kill some time at the office, that you post a comment.   

Most of all, I hope you enjoy The Third Leaf and become an avid reader.   The  first true sports post will be up on Sunday as I’m out of town until then.  Have a great day.