Musings on sports & Best of Sports(2)

Quick recap of the UEFA Cup quarterfinals from last night with the 2nd legs being played next Thursday night.

AZ Alkmaar 0 Werder Bremen 0.   Strange that neither of these high-scoring squads hit the mark.  Bremen slight favorites to advance at home next week. 

Bayer 04 Leverkusen 0  Osasuna 3.  Spanish side shocks Leverkusen in Germany and looks a lock to go through with 3 away goals. 

Sevilla 2  Tottenham 1.  Sevilla were down a goal but came back to win.  Still give the edge to Tottenham to knockout the defending champs next week, especially if central defender Ledley King is healthy and returns to the lineup.  He is one impressive defender. 

Espaynol 3 Benefica 2.  Espanyol led 3-0 before Benefica notched 2 vital away goals in 2 minutes.   Momentum and the away goals are with the Portuguese side as Espanyol has to be a bit stunned they let Benefica off the hook. 

Some random thoughts as TTL surveys the sporting landscape from across the pond. 

Yes, Dice-K was impressive yesterday (10ks, 1ER, 1 walk in 7 innings) in a 4-1 Red Sox victory over the Royals.   Can the media please turn down the hype machine for a few months though?  This was the freakin’ Double Royals featuring no one.  If you are gonna spend a billion on a pitcher, he better beat the Royals.

Speaking of spending gazillions, TTL’s beloved Cubbies (Cubs when they win, Cubbies when they lose) lost 5-2 in Cincy yesterday.  And it has been mandated by the god of storylines that every article written about the Cubs this year reference their off-season spending, Lou Pinella and the impending sale.  Done and done. 

The Masters teed off and look at the high scores.  Mother Nature cooperated (ironic that she would after Hootie stepped down) with some hot, dry conditions and Augusta is playing tough.  Love it if on the back nine on Sunday a whole gaggle of golfers were vying for the Green Jacket.  Always makes for compelling theater. 

Not a huge hockey fan but Toronto v Montreal on Saturday night will be a good one.  Winner gets in playoffs and loser goes home.  Slightly huge game north of the border between two heated rivals. 

The MLS kicks off its 11th season this weekend.  Big year for the league with a new expansion club, the Toronoto FC, and the arrival of some English dude on August 5th.  Head to the always superb Thats On Point for a witty season preview.   

Well, its Friday, so its time for the Best of Sports.  As the quest for the Stanley Cup begins here’s a clip from this year’s fabulous Ottawa-Buffalo game won 6-5 by the Sabres in a shootout.  Its gets a Best of Sports nod because its an all-out brawl featuring the always entertaining goalie fight. Its 8 minutes long but worth watching especially with the hysterical announcing. 

TTL is off traveling for 2 weeks.  This blog will be guest edited by fellow sports junkie PM. There’ll be plenty of posts going up, so have a good weekend and enjoy whatever sports you’re watching. 



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