Liverpool (clap, clap, clap)!!!!

Hi all, writing quickly from an internet cafe in Edinburgh so don’t have much time.  Couple of quick corrections from Friday’s post:  The Cricket World Cup Final was on Saturday, not Sunday as TTL mentionend.  And kudos to the Cricketaroos from Australia for winning their 2nd straight World Cup by defeating Sri Lanka.  Also, TTL incorrectly mentioned that Man U had a 4 point lead on Chelsea going into Saturday’s matches when it was on 3 points.  Bad mistake and apologies.  Anyway, Man U pretty much clinched the Premiership title on Saturday blitzing Everton for 4 goals in the last 30 minutes to win 4-2 while Chelsea struggled to a 2-2 tie at home with Bolton.  Man U leads by 5 points with 3 games to play and certainly in the driver’s seat.  

Liverpool (0) v Chelsea (1)  (20:45 CET).

Hurts for Chelsea to lose their best defender (apologies to John Terry) in Ricardo Carvahlo for this game.  Robben is returning which should help them in attack and Essien returns as well.   Finnan returns to defense for LP which meas Zenden most likely being benched.  LP is primed for this game having rested many players in their 2-1 defeat at Portsmouth on Saturday.  This game all comes down to who scores first.  If Chelsea do, then LP will need to score 3 to advance due to the away goals.  If LP does, then game on.  

Anfield will be a cauldron of noise tonight.  If anyone saw LP beat Chelsea 2 years ago in the CL semis, then one cannot forget the atmosphere.  My credit is running low, so with the heart predict LP 2 Chelsea 0.  YNWA!!!!


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