Weekend Games and Best of Sports

Felicitaciones a Sevilla and Espanyol for reaching the UEFA Cup Final.  Sevilla defeated Osasuna 2-0 to win 2-1 on aggregate while Espanyol won 2-1 against Werder Bremen (5-1 on aggregate).  Should be a Spanorific Final in Glasgow on May 16th. 

Speaking of Glasgow, did promise a post on the Scottish Premiere League match TTL attended last Saturday but need to delay due to technical (picture problems) difficulties.  Be up next week.  And before turning the giant telescope to this weekend’s big football games, another correction.  As TTL’s better half points out, Australia clinched its 3rd consecutive Cricket World Cup last Saturday and not its 2nd as TTL mistakenly mentioned.   Mrs. TTL thinks of herself as something of noveau cricket guru and to that all one can say is leg before wicket (LBW) baby!!   To the games. 


It is close at the top with 3 games to play.  Both front-runners Schalke and Bremen lost last weekend, opening the door for opportunistic Stuggart to climb into 2nd place.  None of these teams will play each other again so Schalke has a slight advantage.  If they win out the Bundesliga is in their Teutonic grasp.  The wildcard team here is Werder Bremen who lost in the UEFA semis on Thursday night and has to regroup to play in a big game at Hertha Berlin on Sunday.  Quite the demanding schedule. 

Primera Division

Still 6 games to go in Espana and its a bullfight at the top.  Leaders Barcelona travel to relegation-threatened Real Sociedad who are sure to put up a desperate fight.   But the big game is at the Bernabeu where 3rd place Real Madrid hosts 2nd place Sevilla on Sunday night.  Sevilla is coming off an emotional UEFA Cup semi win last night and now has to deal with a very dangerous-looking Real Madrid.  Big ask and TTL thinks Real will win this game. 


Man U take a 5 point cushion into this weekend’s derby against Man City.  Chelsea travels to Arsenal in tough game.  With only 3 games to play the title is within sight for Man U and they could clinch this weekend with a win and a Chelsea lose.  But Sir Alex has to be licking his meaty chops knowing Man U could celebrate the title with a win Wednesday at Chelsea. 

Dropping the TTL gaze to the bottom of the table where the relegation battle is being fiercely contested.  All of the teams in danger (Charlton, West Ham, Wigan, Fulham and Sheffield United) have 2 games remaining.  Charlton faces a tough away test at Tottenham while West Ham hosts Bolton in another tough game.  Both Bolton and Tottenham are in a 5 team dogfight for places 5-7 which guarantees a UEFA Cup spot next season.  Sheffield United goes to Aston Villa where a tie will most likely keep Sheffield up in the Premiership next season.  Wigan hosts Middlesbrough in a winnable game.   And TTL’s favorite Fulham, (Craven Cottage USA) with 3 Americans receiving significant playing time, face a Liverpool side that will be resting several key players.  C’mon Fulham. 

As regards the Champions League Final, AC Milan announced they’ll be donning their all-white kit which they consider their lucky shirt.  This means Liverpool will be in their traditional Reds which is how it should be.  

Best of Sports 

A lot of talk about the GS Warriors pulling off the greatest upset in NBA history by beating Dallas 4-2 in the 1st round.  As discussed before in this blog, playoffs often boil down to match-ups and this one was favourable to GS.  Be more surprised and would consider it a bigger upset if the Warriors beat either the Rockets or Jazz in the next round.  But as upsets go, none was bigger than this.  Dare you to watch it without getting the chills.  Enjoy the games. 


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