Commiserations and all to…

Liverpool who were offered an apology by referee Rob Styles in regards to his botched penalty decision that gifted Chelsea a goal. Styles will not officiate in next weekend’s matches due to his mistake. He’ll be joined in his punishment by assistant referee (linesman) Ian Gosling who failed to give Fulham an equalizing goal late in their 2-1 loss to Middlesbrough. It is the assistant referee’s decision to judge whether or not a ball crosses the goal-line and Gosling clearly blew the call on David Healey’s shot. Even with the acknowledgement of the bad calls neither game result will change. At the end of the day, Chelsea still drew with LP and Boro beat Fulham.

Interesting sidebar to the Fulham decision in that the Premier League indicated they are testing the Hawkeye Technology, used in tennis and cricket, to assist with goal-line decisions. Instant replay in soccer? Part of the appeal of soccer is the constant action, apart from Italians being stretchered off, and don’t think the average fan will be supportive of many stoppages in play. However, if the system works like the innovators claim and the referee is notified within 5 seconds of an incident, then it could becoming to a stadium near you. Then famous incidents like this one would truly be a thing of the past.

Outside the Premier League, there were some spicy results at the weekend. Lorient handed 6-time defending champs Lyon another defeat as Marama Vahirua scored both in Lorient’s 2-1 home win. Over in Scotland Rangers continued their perfect start with a 7-2 pulverizing of Falkirk. Beware the Gers! Hopscotch back over to Germany where Bayern Munich smashed Werder Bremen 4-0 as pricey newboys Luca Toni and Franck Ribery each netted a goal. Bremen are no slouches so it appears as if the boys from Munich are prepared to make sauerkraut with the Bundesliga this year. Popping into Portugal and find out that Freddy Adu’s Benefica has already sacked their manager a scant 2 games into the season. And finally, the Spanish La Liga starts this weekend with a little derby action between defending champs Real Madrid v Atletico Madrid. Deliciouso!

Bit of a short flyaround today as TTL started his American football season today. Oh, and not one to pay much attention to preseason football but would enjoy seeing the Bears stomp the Colts. Just saying.


2 Responses to “Commiserations and all to…”

  1. Meenan Says:

    Are you still crying about this.

    Get a finisher better than Kuyt and it wouldn’t matter.

  2. Gil Says:

    Kuyt played fine in that game. If you’ve watched any Chelsea matches over the past 3 years they always manage to steal points when needed. Literally “steal” in this case. Also, just frustrating that its Chelsea since they play LP 25x a year its quite the rivalry.

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